Quantum Funding for Government and Private Commercial Projects. In conjunction with our private investment trusts, major international banks, REIT’s and Funding Syndicates, Quantum International and our associates are involved in various joint venture commercial operations and Government projects in the areas of construction and energy facilities. For these projects, we normally supply all funding, equipment, and technologies to initiate new programs, or expand and improve existing operations. These projects often include government programs, especially in the areas of energy, transportation and government housing.  

Quantum has the required resources and financial expertise to achieve funding in almost any legitimate government and/or private commercial project. We can normally provide Government funding for any project. In many cases, we can even secure major equity participation for the Government entity with no actual capital expenditures being required by the municipalities or regions. Of course, each project is totally different, depending on the type and requirements of the host country. Please contact our Malaysian office, or regional representative for a consultation on any proposed private or government project. 

Non-Profit Organizations: In addition to Quantum’s commercial operations, Quantum and its associated companies are heavily involved in various charity operations. These include the Shelter Plus* projects, which are international projects committed to providing low-income and emergency shelters, throughout the world. 

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