​Quantum Asia and the numerous Quantum International Groups are relatively new organizations in their present form, but its key personnel have been involved in construction, finance and international business for over 40 years, especially in Latin America. Quantum currently serves as the holding concern for various US, Asian, African and international companies. 

Our international concerns include Quantum Asia, the Quantum International Groups, Quantum International MSD, Quantum Philippines Plasma Energy, Inc, Quantum Philippines Property Holdings & Management, Inc, Condor International SA de CV, Quantum-Tokyo Bay Co. LTD, Quantum-Aqua Planning Company Ltd. and various other companies. At the present time, Quantum International has over 100 licensed international representative and associate companies which are involved in the representation of Quantum products and technology. Many of these companies and parties are directly involved in various Joint Venture and Government projects with Quantum. These projects cover Latin America, Australia, the Mid East and Asia. Each representative company is selected not only for their reputation, but for their expertise in the area of Quantum operations and services. At the current time, Quantum has an extreme interest in various Asian countries, setting up new offices in Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, Cambodia, Japan and Thailand.  

Our principal construction firms in Asia were established to promote Quantum’s ICF Building Systems and are heavily involved in major commercial and Government Projects in Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Australia and the Philippines.

In the area of Plasma, our Asian focus area has been the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand and Japan. In the Philippines, we have several completed contracts with additional contracts to be completed in Japan over the next 60 days. Additional Joint Venture and Government Plasma contracts are being negotiated in Australia and five other countries.

The establishment of Quantum Australia during 2015 / 2016 encompasses not only Australia with further New Zealand and the Oceania region as a whole.

Plasma plants for Sydney and Melbourne are under implementation with a combined projected material capacity of 15000 tons per day. A further smaller plant is under initial review for both Perth and Adelaide.

Alongside these significant Quantum Australia projects there are Hospitals, Hotels, and Commercial Retail developments under consideration.

From mainland Australia both humanitarian and commercial development projects are under review for the environmental ravaged Pacific Island nations such as Vanuatu.

In U.S. operations, Quantum and our various U.S. companies are registered with DUNS and CCR, as licensed vendors to the United States Government, and all federal agencies including the US Department of Defense. We are also duly licensed with various foreign governments, and a licensed, registered vendor with the cities of Houston, Dallas, and other major municipalities. Our office staff is fluent in Spanish, English, German, Japanese and other languages.  

Non-Profit Organizations: In addition to Quantum’s commercial operations, Quantum and its associated companies are heavily involved in various charity operations. These include the Quantum International Trusts and the Shelter Plus* projects, which are international projects committed to providing low-income and emergency shelters, throughout the world. Quantum is also committed to various other charity organizations including Texans for Justice and the Hearts of Justice Program.  

Our Humanitarian Projects at this time include massive projects in the Philippines, Cambodia and Malaysia. These will focus on Shelters for Children, Mothers with Children and the Elderly.

Quantum Funding for Government and Private Commercial Projects. In conjunction with our private investment trusts, major international banks, REIT’s and Funding Syndicates, Quantum International and our associates are involved in various joint venture commercial operations and Government projects in the areas of construction and energy facilities. For these projects, we normally supply all funding, equipment, and technologies to initiate new programs, or expand and improve existing operations. These projects often include government programs, especially in the areas of energy, transportation and government housing.  

Quantum has the required resources and financial expertise to achieve funding in almost any legitimate government and/or private commercial project. We can normally provide Government funding for any project. In many cases, we can even secure major equity participation for the Government entity with no actual capital expenditures being required by the municipalities or regions. Of course, each project is totally different, depending on the type and requirements of the host country. Please contact our head office, or regional representative for consultation on any proposed private or government project. 

Quantum Malaysia: Malaysia is one of our main project areas. We have formed key partnerships with for Aviation, the manufacture of Electric Buses and Trucks and advanced agriculture. Our key Malaysian association is with Dato’ Sri Kevin Lai Teck Khiong with the formation of Quantum Infinity Holdings Sdn Bhd. This company is set to receive substantial funding for the development of numerous commercial and humanitarian projects throughout Malaysia and Cambodia. This affiliation gives Quantum Infinity an operational G7 construction firm for the “in house” construction of numerous Asian projects.

Sarawak: Building Ideas and soliciting opinions. Malaysia State of Sarawak is one of our first main project areas. In Sarawak, state related projects and various private development projects and business are being processed. With Quantum Infinity Holdings Sdn Bhd, we are set to receive substantial funding for the development of numerous commercial, government and humanitarian projects throughout Sarawak and Malaysia, This affiliation will take full advantage of our operational G7 construction firm for the “in house” construction of numerous Asian projects.

Quantum International and its Associated Partners: An International holding company, representing various foreign corporations and entities funded or controlled by Quantum International and our associated investment groups. We deal in the following areas of operation:

1.Plasma Based Reclamation and Gasification Plants: Designed for the responsible elimination of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) and Hazardous Waste, these gasification plants are one of our major industrial projects. Our Plasma operations are totally “Green,” producing electricity and commercial products from all the municipal wastes eliminated. In these operations, we fund, build, own and operate each of our facilities. There is no direct cost to the host governments for these facilities.  

In the Philippines, we are forming Quantum Philippines Plasma Energy, Inc. for Plasma operations in Iloilo, Labo (Camarines Norte), Lipa City (Batangas), Bay (Laguna), Mexico (Pampanga), Gerona (Tarlac), Orani (Bataan), Cabiao (Nueva Ecija), Malasiqui (Pangasinan), Caba (La Union), San Nicolas (Ilocos Norte), Enrile (Cagayan), Tumauini (Isabela), Solano (Nueva Vizcaya) and Catbalogan City (Samar). Areas requesting for Quantum Plasma for consideration are General Santos City, Pili (Camarines Sur) and Bacolod City (Negros Occidental). With our funding, approved municipalities can secure these facilities with 5% to 45% direct ownership with no costs to the region or its taxpayers.

Internationally, we are currently completing additional plasma contracts in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and other countries. These Plasma facilities will have capabilities for processing between 2,000 MT to 5,000 MT (metric tons) of municipal waste daily with each plant. These will be the largest, most advanced Plasma Gasification units in the world. With each ton of municipal waste processed, Quantum technology can normally supply roughly 1 Megawatt of electricity into the national GRID Systems. Quantum is expanding these operations with new advanced technology to all countries in Asia. 

Quantum Plasma personnel are among the top engineers in the world with regards to Plasma technology. Unlike many engineering firms, we do not build the facilities and leave. In all of our projects, we build and operate these facilities as a sole owner or as joint venture operations. We are in it for the long run. This insures that any facility we build is a “model” which shows the most advanced technology available. Additionally, this insures that any new technology developed is incorporated into our facilities. Any Quantum project bears our name and our reputation. We stand behind all of our projects.  

In this field of advanced Plasma research, we are currently involved with various universities in the development of advanced mobile plasma units to address the problem of existing hazardous waste sites in which we can conduct “on-site” remediation without having to transport or store the waste. 

2.Bio Fuel Projects: For the past several years, Quantum engineers have been involved in
advanced research for select Bio Fuel operations designed especially for Asia. Unlike our massive facilities, these are smaller facilities which can be placed cheaply throughout established Asian agricultural areas. The purpose of these smaller plants is that they are easily accessible to the smaller Asian farms. These plants function solely on Agricultural Waste. Nothing editable by human or animal will be used as a feedstock. These plants will function solely on the agricultural wastes which are currently being burned or left to rot in the fields.  

We are involved in building of our standard Biofuel facilities, such as our facility being presented in Indonesia. These will process 3,000 tons of agricultural cane waste daily, producing 200,000 Liters of Biofuel per day.

3.Industrial Seals & Supplies: Supplying industrial and mechanical seals to the international market, is a major activity of our US Firms. We represent Quantum, Separ, and Cesco industrial and mechanical seals. All products are manufactured in Texas. There are over 300 U.S. distributors for Quantum, Separ, and Cesco products. Quantum International and our foreign corporations deal strictly with the foreign and international distribution of these products.

4.Petroleum and Industrial Projects: In addition to our manufacturing and distribution of industrial seals and valves designed for the petroleum industry, Quantum maintains a Petroleum Engineering Division which is currently involved in the construction and remodeling of existing refinery operations. We have master distributorship agreements which we can pass on to our clients. Quantum can also provide all of your parts needs and can also provide both new and refurbished equipment. This includes a range from one part, to an entire drilling package. 

We are currently expanding our Petroleum operations to Asia and the Pacific Rim. Especially in the area of petroleum storage yards proposed in Malaysia and the Philippines. We have recently Joint Venture with two existing Petroleum Trading companies in Malaysia. For detailed information on any of our petroleum projects in Asia, please contact our Kuala Lumpur offices.

5. Commercial and Government Construction: Key Quantum officials have been involved with US and foreign Government contracts for over three generations. Quantum currently deals in the design and construction of ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) and also all-steel structures for commercial, industrial and government building projects. Our engineering, construction experience and “in house” funding allows for Government and Private Commercial projects. These projects include Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial and Office Complexes, Government Housing Projects, Correctional Facilities, Police and Military Facilities, and Airports.

At the present time we are establishing ICF Production Plants in Malaysia and the Philippines to service the Pacific Rim. These plants will service Government, Commercial and Affordable Housing projects requested by various countries affected by earthquake and adverse weather conditions. Our ICF System is known for its extreme strength and massive savings in energy costs.  

In Asia, we have completed Joint Venture agreements with various hotel chains for their established and new projects in the Philippines and Asia. These new projects will employ our ICF construction systems and also employ various other environmental technologies to insure all completed projects have the highest “green” standards possible.

6. Medical Facilities: Using our advanced ICF Building Systems, Quantum is entering into contracts for the funding and construction of numerous regional hospitals in the Philippines and Malaysia. In the Philippines, these facilities will serve as “base” regional hospitals that will provide regional service and advanced emergency evacuation to patients from satellite medical stations within a 35-mile range. Some of these proposed facilities will also act as “teaching” hospitals and will have classrooms and housing for nurses and other medical personnel.  

This same design is being proposed in our master plans in Malaysia and Cambodia.

7. Low Income Housing: We offer a custom line of low-income housing models designed mainly for larger government projects. We provide a large array of low-income dwellings, refugee housing and military housing units. These vary in construction from steel frame American made prefab units, to on-site construction of all concrete dwellings for the placement of displaced parties. If desired, we have the necessary personnel to totally design and construct any desired low-income or military housing unit from the ground up.

At the present time Quantum is involved with major “Affordable Housing” projects in Cambodia, the Philippines and other Asian countries.  

8. Airports and Supporting Commercial Structures: This is one of Quantum’s most preferred Private and Government Joint Venture endeavors. Using our advanced building systems, Quantum has the capabilities to design, fund, build and operate these facilities following construction. In the past, Quantum has been invited to be the preferred builder in various multi-billion dollar ventures with various Governments.  

9. Wind Turbine and Solar Operations: Quantum International prefers Plasma Gasification for the efficient production of electricity. In regions where this is not possible, our engineering staff has the expertise to construct both solar and wind turbine operations. Our “model” Wind Turbine plants would involve 125 wind turbines and towers which will produce a combined power output of 82.5 MW.

In all of Quantum’s commercial and government projects such as hotels, public housing and government buildings, Quantum incorporates both Solar and Wind Turbines to a maximum extent to secure the most energy efficient structures possible.  

10. Water Treatment Plants: We provide all funding, engineering, equipment, and components to re-model, or construct water purification facilities anywhere in the world. In many cases, we can remodel outdated facilities to achieve the desired "state of the art" performance. If needed, we have the necessary personnel to totally design and construct these facilities from the ground up.

Quantum Services to Select Military and Government Security Agencies:

While 95% of Quantum’s focus is in the area of commercial engineering, technology and funding of Private and Government Non-Military Projects, select Quantum divisions and associate companies deal strictly with the supply and training of approved military and police agencies.

Quantum International MSD. Quantum International MSD deals in the area of military, security, and emergency supplies. This is our military supply division. We deal in various emergency and security supplies and the construction of "high tech" security and public safety buildings.  

Armaments International & Armaments International S.A. These companies are new names in the world of international arms, security products, and the construction of "State of the Art" security facilities for private and governmental uses. While we are somewhat new, many parties know our key people. We acquired an old firm, Al Johnson International (and their key personnel), in 1993. This company was formed in 1981 for purposes of providing Law Enforcement Officers with Anti-Terrorist and Officer Survival training. This firm became a major supplier of police weapons to personnel of numerous Law Enforcement Agencies in the Southwest United States. It also became a major supplier for various governments and clients in Latin America. Armaments is a federally licensed U.S. firearms company for both conventional and Class III weapons.

We supply police equipment, training, security consultation, and construction of security facilities throughout the world. Our Police Supply and Support Divisions maintain a strong inventory of law enforcement supplies. We are currently involved in setting up extensive training programs for Homeland Security agencies and for select foreign governments, including the Republic of the Philippines and agencies in Latin America.  


In the area of construction, our Company deals mainly with governmental, joint venture, and large commercial projects. We are especially involved in major hotel construction, government and private housing and Plasma and Biofuel facilities. With our ICF building system, we deal in large residential projects in the area of affordable, low, and middle-income government supported housing projects internationally. We are currently involved in negotiations with various municipalities in the Philippines and foreign Governments on a wide variety of construction projects. To this end, we have formed ICF construction companies in Malaysia and the Philippines.

Quantum is experienced with a wide variety of building systems, and has distributors for its products in over thirty foreign countries. Our systems for low income housing includes Shelter Plus* technologies, and our Quantum ICF Systems.

Shelter Plus*: The Shelter Plus* method of building is a totally pre-fab structure of which thousands have been completed in Texas and the Southwest. The low-income housing model is designed for rapid, but permanent placement, and is ideal for disaster areas.  

All Steel: Designed for large commercial and industrial plants, warehouses, airports and large commercial projects. Quantum uses all steel U.S. designed buildings for projects such as airports, hospitals, and industrial buildings.

ICF Systems: For the past five years, Quantum has been expanding its building systems into the area of Insulated Concrete Building Forms (ICF). We are currently building production plants in the Philippines and Malaysia. Using Quantum ICF technology, we are in the process of securing distributors throughout Asia. This construction method involves the use of insulated building forms, reinforced with steel, and completed with a continuous concrete “pour.” All walls and floors are formed as a single unit, which makes the structure nearly indestructible. This allows for a single continuous application of cement which makes an extremely strong, low cost structure which is faster to construct and 30% to 50% more energy efficient in heating and cooling costs. A critical factor in the construction and operation of schools, hospitals, hotels and office buildings.  

Asian ICF Production Plants: During 2018, we will be starting new ICF production facilities in the Philippines and Malaysia. These will supply ICF product for the construction of military bases, universities and large residential housing projects in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.  

In all Quantum building methods, the finished product is noted for its ability to withstand earthquake and extremely adverse weather conditions. Its long-term reliability and durability and its energy efficiency will be of benefit for years following construction.

For the name of a Quantum representative serving any given region, or more detailed information concerning any of the above Quantum technologies, please email me, or contact me personally at our Malaysian or Manila offices.

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