At the current time, Quantum has an extreme interest in various Asian countries, setting up new offices in Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, Japan and Thailand.  

Our principle construction firms in Asia are Quantum-Nusantara ICF Construction Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia) and Quantum Asia Development, Incorporated (The Philippines). Both companies were established to promote Quantum’s ICF Building Systems and are heavily involved in major commercial and Government Projects in Malaysia and the Philippines.

In the area of Plasma, our Asian focus area has been the Philippines, Australia, Malaysia and Japan. In the Philippines, we have several completed contracts with additional contracts to be completed in Japan over the next 60 days. Additional Joint Venture and Government Plasma contracts are being negotiated in the Australia, the US and five other countries. 

In U.S. operations, Quantum and our various U.S. companies are registered with DUNS and CCR, as licensed vendors to the United States Government, and all federal agencies including the US Department of Defense. We are also duly licensed with various foreign governments, and a licensed, registered vendor with the cities of Houston, Dallas, and other major Texas municipalities. Our office staff is fluent in Spanish, English, German, Japanese and other languages.  

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