Quantum Divisions
1.Plasma Based Reclamation and Gasification Plants:  Designed for the responsible elimination of MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) and Hazardous Waste, these gasification plants are one of our major industrial projects. Our Plasma operations are totally “Green,” producing electricity and commercial products from all the municipal waste eliminated. In these operations, we fund, build, own and operate each of our facilities. There is no direct cost to the host governments for these facilities.  

In the Philippines, we are forming Quantum Philippines Plasma Energy, Inc. for Plasma operations in Iloilo, Luna, Subic and other areas. With our funding, approved municipalities can secure these facilities with 5% to 45% direct ownership with no costs to the region or its taxpayers.

Internationally, we are currently completing additional plasma contracts in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and other countries. These Plasma facilities will have capabilities for processing between 2,000 MT to 5,000 MT (metric tons) of municipal waste daily with each plant. These will be the largest, most advanced Plasma Gasification units in the world. With each ton of municipal waste processed, Quantum technology can normally supply roughly 1 Megawatt of electricity into the national GRID Systems.  

Quantum Plasma personnel are among the top engineers in the world with regards to Plasma technology. Unlike many engineering firms, we do not build the facilities and leave. In all of our projects, we build and operate these facilities as a sole owner or as joint venture operations. We are in it for the long run. This insures that any facility we build is a “model” which shows the most advanced technology available. Additionally, this insures that any new technology developed is incorporated into our facilities. Any Quantum project bears our name and our reputation. We stand behind all of our projects.  

In this field of advanced Plasma research, we are currently involved with various U.S. universities in the development of advanced mobile plasma units to address the problem of existing hazardous waste sites in which we can conduct “on-site” remediation without having to transport or store the waste. 

2.Bio Fuel Projects: For the past several years, Quantum engineers have been involved in
advanced research for select Bio Fuel operations designed especially for Asia. Unlike our massive facilities, these are smaller facilities which can be placed cheaply throughout established Asian agricultural areas. The purpose of these smaller plants is that they are easily accessible to the smaller Asian farms. These plants function solely on Agricultural Waste. Nothing editable by human or animal will be used as a feedstock. These plants will function solely on the agricultural waste which is currently being burned or left to rot in the fields.  
We are involved in building of our standard Biofuel facilities, such as our facility being constructed in Bacolod City. This will process 3,000 tons of agricultural cane waste daily, producing 200,000 Liters of Biofuel per day.

3.Industrial Seals & Supplies: Supplying industrial and mechanical seals to the international
market, is a major activity of our US Firms. We represent Quantum, Separ, and Cesco industrial and mechanical seals. All products are manufactured in Texas. There are over 300 U.S. distributors for Quantum, Separ, and Cesco products. Quantum International and our foreign corporations deal strictly with the foreign and international distribution of these products.

4.Petroleum and Industrial Projects: In addition to our manufacturing and distribution of industrial seals and valves designed for the petroleum industry, Quantum maintains a Petroleum Engineering Division which is currently involved in the construction and remodeling of existing refinery operations. We have master distributorship agreements which we can pass on to our clients. Quantum can also provide all of your parts needs and can also provide both new and refurbished equipment. This includes a range from one part, to an entire drilling package. 

We are currently expanding our Petroleum operations to Asia and the Pacific Rim. Especially in the area of petroleum storage yards proposed in Malaysia and the Philippines. We have recently Joint Venture with two existing Petroleum Trading companies in Malaysia. For detailed information on on any of our petroleum projects in Asia, please contact our Kuala Lumpur offices.

5. Commercial and Government Construction: Key Quantum officials have been involved with US and foreign Government contracts for over three generations. Quantum currently deals in the design and construction of ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) and also all-steel structures for commercial, industrial and government building projects. Our engineering, construction experience and “in house” funding allows for Government and Private Commercial projects. These projects include Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial and Office Complexes, Government Housing Projects, Correctional Facilities, Police and Military Facilities, and Airports.

At the present time we are establishing ICF Production Plants in Malaysia and the Philippines to service the Pacific Rim. These plants will service Government, Commercial and Affordable Housing projects requested by various countries affected by earthquake and adverse weather conditions. Our ICF System is known for its extreme strength and massive savings in energy costs.  

In Asia, we have completed Joint Venture agreements with various Governments for their established and new projects in Asia. These new projects will employ our ICF construction systems and also employ various other environmental technologies to insure all completed projects have the highest “green” standards possible.

6. Medical Facilities: Using our advanced ICF Building Systems, Quantum is entering into contracts for the funding and construction of numerous regional hospitals in the Philippines and Malaysia. In the Philippines, these facilities will serve as “base” regional hospitals that will provide regional service and advanced emergency evacuation to patients from satellite medical stations within a 35 mile range. Some of these proposed facilities will also act as “teaching” hospitals and will have classrooms and housing for nurses and other medical personnel.  

7. Low Income Housing: We offer a custom line of low-income housing models designed mainly for larger government projects. We provide a large array of low-income dwellings, refugee housing and military housing units. These vary in construction from steel frame American made prefab units, to on-site construction of all concrete dwellings for the placement of displaced parties. If desired, we have the necessary personnel to totally design and construct any desired low-income or military housing unit from the ground up.

At the present time Quantum is involved with major “Affordable Housing” projects in Bangladesh, Malaysia, the Philippines and other Asian countries.  

8. Airports and Supporting Commercial Structures: This is one of Quantum’s most preferred Private and Government Joint Venture endeavors. Using our advanced building systems, Quantum has the capabilities to design, fund, build and operate these facilities following construction. In the past, Quantum has been invited to be the preferred builder in various multi-billion dollar ventures with various Governments. We are currently involved with major Airport Projects in Malaysia, Laos and the Philippines.

9. Wind Turbine and Solar Operations: Quantum International prefers Plasma Gasification for the efficient production of electricity. In regions where this is not possible, our engineering staff has the expertise to construct both solar and wind turbine operations. Our “model” Wind Turbine plants would involve 125 wind turbines and towers which will produce a combined power output of 82.5 MW.

In all of Quantum’s commercial and government projects such as hotels, public housing and government buildings, Quantum incorporates both Solar and Wind Turbines to maximum extent to secure the most energy efficient structures possible.  

10. Water Treatment Plants: We provide all funding, engineering, equipment, and components to re-model, or construct water purification facilities anywhere in the world. In many cases, we can remodel outdated facilities to achieve the desired "state of the art" performance. If needed, we have the necessary personnel to totally design and construct these facilities from the ground up.

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