Quantum Construction Systems

In the area of construction, Quantum deals mainly with governmental, joint venture, and large commercial projects. We are presently active in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. We are especially involved in major hotel construction, government and private housing and Plasma and Biofuel facilities. With our ICF building system, we deal in large residential projects in the area of affordable, low, and middle-income government supported housing projects internationally. We are currently involved in negotiations with various municipalities in the Philippines and foreign Governments on a wide variety of construction projects. To this end, we have formed ICF construction companies in Malaysia and the Philippines.

Quantum is experienced with a wide variety of building systems, and has distributors for its products in over thirty foreign countries. Our systems for low income housing includes Shelter Plus* technologies, and our Quantum ICF Systems.

Shelter Plus*:  The Shelter Plus* method of building is a totally pre-fab structure of which thousands have been completed in Texas and the Southwest. The low-income housing model is designed for rapid, but permanent placement, and is ideal for disaster areas.  

All Steel:  Designed for large commercial and industrial plants, warehouses, airports and large commercial projects. Quantum uses all steel U.S. designed buildings for projects such as airports, hospitals, and industrial buildings.

ICF Systems:  For the past five years, Quantum has been expanding its building systems into the area of Insulated Concrete Building Forms (ICF). We are currently building production plants in the Philippines and Malaysia. Using Quantum ICF technology, we are in the process of securing distributors throughout Asia. This construction method involves the use of insulated building forms, reinforced with steel, and completed with a continuous concrete “pour.” All walls and floors are formed as a single unit, which makes the structure nearly indestructible. This allows for a single continuous application of cement which makes an extremely strong, low cost structure which is faster to construct and 30% to 50% more energy efficient in heating and cooling costs. A critical factor in the construction and operation of schools, hospitals, hotels and office buildings.  

Asian ICF Production Plants:  During 2015, we will be starting new ICF production facilities in the Philippines and Malaysia. These will supply ICF product for the construction of military bases, universities and large residential housing projects in Johore and elsewhere in Malaysia being done with Quantum-Nusantara Construction Sdn Bhd and Quantum Asia Development, Incorporated (The Philippines).  

In all Quantum building methods, the finished product is noted for its ability to withstand earthquake and extremely adverse weather conditions. Its long-term reliability and durability and its energy efficiency will be of benefit for years following construction.

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