Quantum International: An International holding company, representing various foreign corporations and entities funded or controlled by Quantum International and our associated investment groups. 

Our international concerns include the Quantum Worldwide Holdings Sdn Bhd, Quantum International Labuan Ltd., Quantum Philippines Plasma Energy, Inc, Quantum Philippines Property Holdings & Management, Inc, Condor International SA de CV, Quantum-Tokyo Bay Co. LTD, Quantum-Aqua Planning Company Ltd. and various other companies. 

At the present time, Quantum International has over 100 licensed international representative and associate companies which are involved in the representation of Quantum products and technology. Many of these companies and parties are directly involved in various Joint Venture and Government projects with Quantum. These projects cover Latin America, Australia, the Mid East and Asia. Each representative company is selected not only for their reputation, but for their expertise in the area of Quantum operations and services.  
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